These self portraits are drawn on found mirrors, inviting and involving onlookers in an intimate narrative of gender expression, ability, and introspective reflection. Because the mirror portraits are drawn with permanent marker, all editing was accomplished through the highlighting or ignoring of features; any reworking or editing of these pieces is visible through the addition of marks, not the elimination of marks.

This work began as a personal collection of self portraits but blossomed into its second life inspiring  a temporary public art project funded by the Madison Arts Commission as well as its forever-life as a foundation for educational workshops pertaining to gender expression,  power, space-claiming, and performative gestures in the everyday.

Looking for a temporary or semi-permanent mural in this style on your windows or mirrors? Hoping to host a workshop in mirrors? Reach out.

Mirror Portrait I // femme // 2014 // close up
Untitled Portrait in Motion2
Mirror Portrait II // ghost // 2014// close up
Mirror Portrait IV // butch // 2015 // close up
Mirror Portrait V // trip // 2015 // close up
Mirror Portrait VI // crew // 2015 // close up